Index of values

allcategories [WList]
Enumerate all pages.
allimages [WList]
Enumerate all images.
allpages [WList]
Enumerate all pages.
anonymous_login [Login]
Create an anonymous session.
append [Enum]
Append two enumerations.
assoc_attrib [Xml]
attribs [Xml]

backlinks [WList]
Enumerate all pages linking to the given page.
bind [Call]
bind m f is the monadic bind, i.e.

cast [WTypes.Id]
cast [Call]
cast call f permits to deal with Set-Cookies headers of answers: f will be fed with such cookies when call is processed.
categories [WProp]
Returns the list of categories to which pertains a given page.
children [Xml]
collapse [Enum]
Internalization of the lazyness.
concat [Enum]
Flattens an enum of enums.
content [WProp]
Associates to every revision its content by id.
create [Site]
create name url lang creates a mediawiki site where name is the name of the wiki, url is the URL of the API and lang is the ISO code of the language of the wiki.

delete_title [WEdit]
Delete a given page.
diff [WProp]
dummy_page [WProp]
dummy_revision [WProp]
dummy_title [WProp]

emailuser [WMisc]
Write an email to a given user.
embeddedin [WList]
Enumerate all pages embedded in the given page.
empty [Enum]
Empty enumeration.
enqueue [Call]
Push the request on the pipeline, waiting to be processed.
external_links [WProp]
Returns the list of external links contained in a given page.
exturlusage [WList]
Enumerate all pages using a given URL pattern.

filter [Enum]
filter_map [Enum]
Combines filter and map.
filter_s [Enum]
Asynchronous filtering of enumerations.
final [Xml]
find [Enum]
Returns an element that satifies the predicate
find_by_attrib [Xml]
find_by_tag [Xml]
fold [Enum]
fold f accu enum folds enum using f.

general_info [WMeta]
Get information about the site as (key, value) pairs .
get_cdata [Xml]

http [Call]
http c embeds a low-level HTTP call.

images [WProp]
Returns the list of image titles used on a given page.
imageusage [WList]
Enumerate all pages that use the given page.
instantiate [Call]
Instantiate any abstract call into an effective object that can be submitted to the server.
interwikis [WMeta]
Get info about the interwikis.
iter [Enum]
iter_p [Enum]
Iteration over enumerations.
iter_s [Enum]

join [Call]
join l processes all the calls from the list l concurrently.

langlinks [WProp]
Return the list of interwiki links from a given page.
last_revision_of_titles [WProp]
Associates to every title its last revision and last content.
links [WProp]
Returns the list of link titles from a given page.
login [Login]
Login with a username and a password.

make [WTypes.Title]
Creates a title from a normalized title and a namespace.
map [Enum]
map [Call]
map f m applies f to the underlying object of m.
map_p [Enum]
Map over enumerations.
map_s [Enum]
move_page [WEdit]
Move a page to a given title.
move_title [WEdit]
As for WEdit.move_page but with a title only.

namespace [WTypes.Title]
Returns the namespace to which belongs the titlte
namespaces [WMeta]
Get the list of all namespaces from the site.
normalize [WProp]
normalize s titles returns the canonical title associated to a given string, regardless of the existence of the page.

of_list [Enum]
Converts a list to a lazy enumeration.
of_pageids [WProp]
of_pageids s pageids associates to every page id in pageids the corresponding page.
of_revids [WProp]
of_revids s revids associates to every revision id in revids the corresponding revision.
of_string [WTypes.Timestamp]
Parses a timestamp as yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ
of_string [WTypes.Id]
of_titles [WProp]
of_titles s titles associates to every title in titles the corresponding page.

parallel [Call]
parallel m n processes m and n concurrently.
parse [Proofread]
parse [Xml]
parse_in_obj_channel [Xml]
parse_string [Xml]
parse_sub [Xml]
parser_create [Xml]
pipeline [Script]
Default pipeline used by this module.
print_xml [Xml]
process [Script]
Process a given call, using the default pipeline.
purge [WMisc]
Purges a list of pages.

random [WMisc]
Choose a random page.
recentchanges [WList]
List all recent changes.
relogin [Login]
Login with session data obtained through
result [Call]
Gives back the result of the API call.
return [Call]
return x returns the constant call
revisions [WProp]
Returns the list of revisions of a given page.

search [WList]
Search for a given string on a Mediawiki site.
statistics [WMeta]
Get the statistics of the site.

tag [Xml]
templates [WProp]
Returns the list of template titles used on a given page.
to_string [WTypes.Timestamp]
Prints a timestamp according to the previous pattern
to_string [WTypes.Title]
Returns the normalized form of the title
to_string [WTypes.Id]
try_children [Xml]

unwatch [WMisc]
Remove a page from your watchlist.
upload_file [WEdit]
upload_file s dest file uploads local file file to remote file dest.
user_agent [Utils]
user_info [WMeta]
Retrieve information about the current user.

watch [WMisc]
Put a page on your watchlist.
wikicommons [Site]
Wikimedia Commons.
wikipedia [Site]
Create a Wikipedia site from a given language.
wikisource [Site]
Create a Wikisource site from a given language.
write_page [WEdit]
Write a given page and return the status.
write_title [WEdit]
As for WEdit.write_page but with a title only.